Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My New Candidate

Barack Obama has been twisting in the wind in recent weeks over his initial justification of Reverend Wright's pulpited positions, and then his quick about face when those justifications did not fly too well with his media patsies. What this incident reveals is that Obama is just another ambitious politician, albeit one without any significant positions or plans for their implementation should he charm his way to the White House.

What most exposes Obama's shallowness is the richness of Reverend Wright's public defense of his positions and his ministry. His recent interviews on TV and appearances before the National Press Club and NAACP show him to be a man of intelligence, humor, strong, and mostly liberal positions, and rich charisma. These appearances are all well presented on You Tube and other sites, but for a quick taste, The Daily Show supplies a good appetizer.

I suggest that Hillary name him her Vice President. They would make a truly formidable duo on the campaign trail and in recovering the White House from mindless conservatism.


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