Friday, January 11, 2008


One of the misfortunes of living a long time is the passing of good things that were enjoyed along the way. I'm talking mostly about foods, fiction, movies and music. I won't get into specifics because we each of us have our own list.

Weather is still good. Except for Florida's Gulf Coast, I have never met a weather condition I didn't like.

But getting back to food, I used to love pancakes, especially buttermilk hotcakes. But not so now for several years. The flavor and texture I loved just seemed to disappear from the packaged products I prepared at home and even from the favorite restaurants that have remained in operation.

But I have kept trying, and one lucky day I spied a box of Kodiak Cakes on a grocery shelf. The copy on the box seemed a bit self-congratulatory and hokey but what-the-heck; worth a look-see.

I just had another batch this morning of great flapjacks. Halfway through my second box. 'Nough said.


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