Saturday, December 01, 2007


It was raining yesterday as I drove to the health club. Nearing the gated entrance, I passed a small car angled toward the curb. The hood was up and a young black man (plot point) was dealing with the mechanisms beneath. I collected my parking ticket as I entered the structure and cruised the first floor, looking for a space.

The man from the stalled car called to me from outside the structure, asking for a battery cable connection boost. I told him I couldn't bring my car back out without a validation. He went back to his car. I had Charlie with me. I put his leash on, pulled out my cables and an umbrella, and went to the stalled car. I held up my cables and suggested to the driver that I might be able to flag down a car with them. Some cars passed us by in the rain, but one did stop. I held up the cables to the young Asian (plot point) driver and stated the obvious about the stalled car. This young man then maneuvered into the proper position. I connected the cables to the batteries, and the the stalled car eventually revved into life.

Both cars went on their way and I took Charlie back to the Trooper, and went on to the club. Basically, I felt good about having been able to help somebody, stalled and helpless in the rain. But I felt even a little better when I considered that someone was able to ask for help to start a stalled car. And that a black, Asian and and white guy could, together, easily solve the problem, despite a nuisance rain, and move on with their business.


At December 06, 2007 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But why did you take Charlie with you to the stalled car, in the rain? Then took him back to your Trooper afterwards...
Otherwise, a good human interest story.. 3 men, a stalled car, rain, and a dog..

At December 06, 2007 5:25 PM, Blogger BJMe said...

Ah--you didn't read between the lines. A black man with an old car wasn't going to catch a jump start, especially in the rain. I figured that an old white guy, standing in the rain behind the stalled car and holding up the battery cables with one hand, and an umbrella over a cute little dog with the other, would catch some sympathy. It was a bit of performance art seeking a sympathetic audience. Or a bit of manipulative social engineering. Whatever, it got the job done, and even left you feeling some glow of human warmth.

At December 06, 2007 6:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, you are right, I wasn't thinking of the cute dog being part of the draw.. Just his being in the rain.. I did get the black guy not getting help up to that point..
Seems for an older guy, you still have a quick mind, and are a good Samaritan......


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