Saturday, February 02, 2008

Surprise Nominee

I didn't pay attention to the Oscar nominees and didn't realize that Viggo Mortenson has been so acknowledged for EASTERN PROMISES. This is a pleasant surprise. Viggo's portrayal of a Russian mobster in London is the best physical and vocal creation of an English speaking foreigner I can think of. Daniel Day Lewis, always an impressive actor, doesn't come close to Mortensen in this year's match up.

Contrary to my generally sophisticated tastes, I tend to like strong violence in movies. Eastern Promises and David Cronenberg don't disappoint. When fight scenes are done right, I enjoy the kinesthesiastic response I experience, and during the naked violence of the nude fight in the bathhouse, I was right there flailing away with Viggo. I don't think he would have survived without me.

The film story is an okay depiction of Big Crime and its The denoument is a little hokey, but I can go along with it if it's an opening for a sequel. Especially if Naomi Watts is continued on.


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