Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sound Dunked

The parking garage at the Spectrum also serves a medical building housing the Kerlan Jobe Sports Medicine practice. As I parked my Trooper, settled Charlie down and unloaded my workout gear, the garage was blasted with explosive sound from an overcharged car stereo.

There were several vehicles edging up to the exit kiosk from different lanes, but it was easy to spot the huge, black Yukon vibrating from the sound within. The Black driver and his passenger could be seen inside, wiggling with joy. Shouldering my gym bag, I walked to the Yukon. The driver, smiled amiably at my approach. He might have thought I wanted his autograph. Instead, I advised Andrew Bynum that his blasting stereo system was both "fucking offensive and illegal."

He smiled even brighter in agreeing with me. When I asked him if he didn't care about bothering people, he said, "No." His White passenger nearly fell off his seat with laughter.

"Brainless," is all I could come up with as I shook my head and headed to the gym. Out on the sidewalk, The Yukon pulled up alongside, windows down, and Andrew pumped up the volume to the max. Startled patrons were sitting at the sidewalk tables. "Sure," I shouted to Andrew, "show everybody how smart you are," as he hung an illegal U and sped away.

I admit that wasn't a great riposte. But I'll be ready for him next time, I'll toss him a half-inflated basketball and tell him to stuff that up his big, black stereo.


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