Friday, March 14, 2008

Why John McCain will win

According to recent polls and interviews, an overwhelming number of Black American men and women support Barack Obama for president. Almost all of these supporters proudly state that they are voting for Barack’s blackness, mildly mixed as it may be, rather than his qualifications or stands on the issues. As to the Black men, I easily understand their favoritism and ethnic team spirit. “He be one of us, bro.”

But I do not as readily understand the partisanship of the Black women. Is it that they consider themselves more black than female? Otherwise, why would they enthusiastically proclaim more allegiance to a (semi)Black male than a White sister? Many of Barack’s supporters are even guilty of a certain type of political blackmail (a coincidental piece of vedrbal curiosity) when they say, “Nominate our man or we won’t go to the polls in November.”

Hey! Where are our media watchdogs who keep finding examples of white racism among Hillary’s supporters but find nothing dangerous, much less outlandish from the Obamamaniacs?

As far as I can tell, neither Barack not Hillary are actively involved in this specific area of divisiveness. But then who are they to say. They are both becoming pawns in their own campaigns. They both are beginning to look and sound like programmed automatons. John McCain is the only candidate left who seems more a person than a personality or icon. And when the dust settles in November, he may well be the last man standing.

The Democratic Party of Al Gore and John Kerry gave us eight years of George W. Bush. Is that same pathetic organization now going to open the White House doors to John McCain for the next four years? If the Democratic Party can’t move forward fresh gender and ethnic leadership, then it better resolve itself to 2nd class political status.


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