Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Carrizo Plain Drive

A stretch of the San Andreas Fault and the ephemeral Soda Lake are the only visible elements on this arid plain.

This is as far I was able to drive on one narrow dirt road. It was not wide enough to turn around on so I had to drive back down in reverse. It was also at this point that my GPS gave out, as did my Olympus camera and my cell phone had no service.

Back at a crossroads and another decision.

Apparently a choice between Soda Lake Rd. and Soda Lake Rd.

So I took Soda Lake Rd.

Ignoring the road closure warning, I pressed on because I am a dirt kind of guy.

And my road had plenty of it.

These were the only other vehicles on my road, but no occupants present.

I thought of dinasaur bones lying in a desert.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Addiction Affliction

You nailed me, Obama. I'm addicted to fossil fuels. I can't even conceive of breaking the habit, I love it so much. No Betty Ford treatment for me. You can stick it to the drillers, stick it to the refiners and stick it to the retailers; hit them with the highest taxes and most punitive fees you can push through Congress, but you'll never take my fossil fuels away from me. I'm an American and I have as much right to indulge my self-destructive appetites as I have to complain about government attempts to deprive me of them. So don't try to lay any preachy guilt trip on me or I'll drive my SUV right up your big black asphalt.

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