Monday, February 09, 2015

Family terror

Watching a segment on Masterpiece Mystery tonight, I was moved by a sub-plot involving a middle-aged couple with a large, healthy family who were traumatized because their infant son had a persistent high fever. My own parents, in their mid-twenties, I am sure also suffered when their 2-year-old son and 19-month old daughter came down together with typhoid fever. The daughter, Marcella Ruth, died, as it were, that I might live.

Four years later I contracted a crippling polio virus; I was old enough by then to observe the stress my illness and treatments caused them as the years went on.

But all this must have been overshadowed about six years into this when my 6-year-old brother Brendon John, was bitten by a rabid dog and suffered for months before he died.

Predictably, the TV show child's fever went down and everybody lived happily ever after.

But this is my blog; and with apology to Martha Ellen, I am the only one left to grieve for my parents and their losses..

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