Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Workers of the World, Unite!

Players' association executive director Billy Hunter said "(The players) are principled individuals and I think that they realize the struggle that they are incurring," he said. "They may be paid at a higher level but it's the same issue that we see that is endemic right now, not only in our country but around the world -- it's about folks at the top who have the leverage and power who need to impose upon the workers of the world.

"Most of our players when they end playing basketball they are going to be living for another 40 years or so. And so I don't know how long that money is going to last," he added. "Even if they made every prudent investment that they could possibly make, I don't know at what level they are going to be able to live. But I think after a while it just becomes a principle. For a lot of these players that is what it's about."

I think the world's labor force would go along with that. Who wouldn't want to play a youth game in baggy shorts for a few years and be guaranteed a lifetime of luxury thereafter? Thanks NBA Players Association for leading the fight for the rest of us. Solidarity rules!

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