Tuesday, December 16, 2014


There are many signposts on the road of death. The road of death, of course, begins at birth. The road of life runs briefly from conception to birth.

Be that as it may, I encountered, today, another latter day milestone. I can no longer stand on my hands.

That is not quite true. I could still stand on my hands if I could only get my legs up, but their useful time has passed. This is something I did at the end of every workout for the last fifty years, but for the past couple of workouts I couldn't do the mount. My shoulders, arms, wrists and hands are fully up to the task, but my legs have let me down, or rather won't get me up. It is said that our legs are the second things to go. I forget the first.

But don't be dismayed, I can still do my headstand.

Being lower to the floor, my legs can handle that degree of lift. For how much longer, who knows?

When I consider what overall good shape I am in, I feel very lucky. Of course I used to be in even better health. So I advise you now to appreciate what you've got; it only gets worse.

Please don't mistake these gym rats for me. I didn't have a cameraman so I grabbed what I could.

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