Sunday, July 31, 2016

Culinary Eulogy by mail


Hearts cry from the empty place left by our wonderful Julie.
The sad news came only when I felt well enough to finally opened the tons of emails.
The memories come flooding through ... the birthday card and favorite cake for each employee... fried zucchini... the spring pilgrimage to El Cholo for green corn tamales... the pot of her senate bean soup that chased the gray day away... San Louis sour dough bread.. .M&M chocolate peanuts that appeared out of nowhere and so very much more. A premium invitation was an invite to partake of Julie's famous "rigs" gratefully devoured by the assembled . And it goes on. The accolades seem endless. She was the goddess of morale that kept us afloat amid the show biz chaos.

Marilyn and I are devastated by the loss of Julie.

All the best,


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