Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday

The first birthday that I ever took particular note of was my 76th, and it was not a bright note. I suddenly realized that I was not young anymore. And maybe not even immortal. I seriously had to accept that I had entered Middle age and I didn't like it.

Basically, that feeling has lingered on for the past five years in the background, if not the forefront of my mind. That being much occupied with the pleasures of adult children, growing grandchildren, new grandchildren and a somewhat demanding wife.

Then I woke up today to a round of Happy Birthdays delivered in person, by phone, by email, by other electonic devises and by slomail. As the day wore on I became aware that this is really a notable birthday. I realized I am still young. The curse of 76 was false. I should have checked with Snopes. I was victim of numerical deception and it took me five years to wise up.

Happy 81st! L'chayim!

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