Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Collapse of a franchise

As I loved DIE HARD as a rich entertainment as well as an elegant exercise in filmmaking, I am really saddened to see the franchise fall to the level of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD. I only lasted 28 minutes on the DVD timer, but every single minute was an excruciating pain to my moviegoing sensibilities. The writing., directing, acting and CGI were all uniformly inept. It was shocking to see Bruce Willis in a simple dialogue scene with two other actors be so obviously and crudely filmed on different days and different sets.

Enough of the pathetic flaws of this movie. What about the pathetic flaws in the minds and sensibilities of the dullards who created an audience for this empty exercise in prevailing commerciality? This planet's real problem is not global warming, it is global dumbing. If you sat all the way through this movie, you know who you are.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Julie just mentioned that I haven't posted anything in this space for the past month. It isn't for lack of thinking about it. I have had a lot on my mind, but nothing I felt much like sharing.

I read some this past month. And screened bunch of movies and videos, but so what. Sometimes I can swear the world couldn't survive without my cogent wit and wisdom. Other times I could swear I must be nuts.

One thing I can share is the passing of Julie's sister, Jinny. I wrote about my last visit with her just about one year ago in Senior Slippage.

It was obvious that she was not long for this world, her mind had already started its departure. But most of her survivors had not realized that before her thoughts had begun their slow slide to oblivion, she and Postie had the wits and the caring to establish a family trust that has provided a generous windfall this month to the benefit of Jinny's surviving siblings and their children.

Jinny and Postie were not wealthy, just well-off. I find it amazing how easy it comes to be for some people in America to live comfortable and prosperous lives, while many others strive and struggle just to get by. Is there some reason for this disparity? Or is it just STEAMBATH?

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