Monday, August 25, 2008

No Help

I'm biden my ti-me,
'cause that's the kinda guy I'-m.

It's an old tune, kinda like Joe Biden. A little razz, but no m' tazz. He brings nothing to the ticket. If Barack can win anyway, great. Joe can be a pretty minor Cheney. Make that very minor 'cause he won't have any say any way. If B.O. wanted J.B. to make a real contribution to his administration, he could have made him Secretary of State.

Pathetically, he thinks Joe will bring him some much needed Catholic, working class votes. Huh uh.

Barack is a better choice than McCain, or any Republican candidate, but then any Democrat is a better candidate than any Republican. So where does that leave us concerned citizens? Hoping that Mr. Charm Boy can manipulate a general election as well as he did a primary. It is a sad hope, but now it's all we've got.


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