Monday, August 18, 2008

The Trap

John McCain is pretty dumb. It is virtually unbelievable that a modern day politician could spout such an outrageous string of stupid pronouncements against his opponent and think he could get away with it.

But is he really that dumb all-of-a-sudden in his 74th year? I think he is shrewd. And his campaign cohort is shrewd. They are acting as if they think there is only one chance to beat Obama; by provocation. They want to goad Obama into a retaliation. They want to lure him and his arrogance and intelligence into a counter-punch attack that would seem to decimate McCain, and should in any reasonable world, but will actually win sympathy and support for McCain from the lily livered white and other booboisee that are waiting for the chance to put an uppity negra in his proper place.

How is Barack to cope with this finesse by McCain. Don't ask me; it is above my pay grade. What I do know is the Keith Olberman and the Liberal Junta are way off the mark in recognizing this threat. They are actually promoting the McCain offensive by constantly presenting his attacks on Obama, commenting on their stupidity and hypocricy and themselves provoking the feeling that Obama must retaliate in kind. If I were even a little bit religious, I would pray for deliverance from the stupidity of the American voter.

God Damn it! I will pray. What could it hurt?


At August 19, 2008 5:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't really think God cares more or less, about any country, but maybe a little prayer can't hurt..


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