Sunday, July 20, 2008

Billy Daniels, a showman for the ages.

I love Billy Daniels. I first saw him perform on the Sunset Strip in 1950-51. As he started his physical and vocal antics, I chuckled in distain, but before he finished "I Get a Kick Out of You" I was a bonafide fan. And still am. The User Comment from IMDB pasted below seems a fair approximation of what Sunny Side of the Street, a standard musical programmer of its era is likely to offer on TCM tomorrow at 10:15 am. I recommend it to your DVR. It is set up on mine.

"It's all about the music., 19 December 2003
richard o'brien ( from beaufort, south carolina, u.s.a

Columbia's B musicals with Frankie Laine-Billy Daniels, etc., were all about the music. The plots are just there to, however haltingly, keep things going. Pert Terry Moore pushes tall, gangly, handsome Jerome Courtland to become a singing star. Why not? Courtland (with solos on "Let's Fall In Love", "The Love of a Gypsy" and a duet with Laine on the title song)has a fine voice, if not the performing charisma of the two leads. Daniels, a surprise smash in his first Columbia, keeps up the good work with a warm, relaxed rehearsal in an empty night club with pianist-backup singer Benny Payne, of "Too Marvelous For Words" and "I Hadn't Anyone Till You", later goes full-tilt on "I Get A Kick Out of You". Great camera work on all of Daniels' moments. Laine also gives his usual earnest, energetic and unique approach to his songs, including "I'm Gonna Live Till I Die", "I May Be Wrong" (with Toni Arden, who also gets a solo spot), and a bit of "Pennies From Heaven". Oh. Round tv screens, too! Almost impossible to find on videotape."


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