Sunday, December 25, 2005

"They all lied," said Gambera, a retired English professor living in San Rafael. "They did it for the cause."

..."Ideale Gambera, whose father was a Boston anarchist in the 1920s, said he could empathize with Sinclair's angst about revealing his doubts. Gambera, 80, said there was a strict code of silence to protect the group and hide the nature of their activities. He said his father, Giovanni Gambera, a member of the Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee, told him before he died in 1982 that Sacco was one of the killers."They all lied," said Gambera, a retired English professor living in San Rafael. "They did it for the cause.'"

And Upton Sinclair, an active Socialist writer and politican, died in 1968 without ever revealing his knowledge of Sacco's guilt and his own false defense of this, and other killer anarchists. What a disheartening lack of character this letter reveals. Sinclair shows himself to be a literary, political and moral coward.

Liberals and Leftists, of which I am one, have proven to be as vicious as Conservatives and Reactionaries in their pursuit of power and the control of American minds. Unfortunately, mindless Americans are all too ready to dupe themselves.

I don't support Capital Punishment, unless I can be Judge, Jury and Executioner. Nonetheless,

Fact: the Rosenberg's were guilty.

Fact: the American Communist Party was a tool of Russian Bolshevism and its drive toward international imperialism.

Fact: Alger Hiss was guilty.

Fact: Many well-meaning Liberals in the 1930's were duped joining a local Communist Cell, but re-canters like Elia Kazan and Edward Dmytryk had every free right to criticize and even name their unrepentant and still conspiring associates.

Fact: "Tookie, Tookie, lend me your gun" Williams was guilty and wouldn't admit it and there is nothing the Reverend Jackson can to bring his victims back to life or reverse the gangsterism that Tookie iniated and promoted and which has devastatingly over-shadowed his puny literary pretensions.

Fact: There are too many lies to list.

Conclusion: Don't take sides, take a position or just sit on the sidelines and shut up!


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