Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Me and You and Everyone We Know

Here it is; the movie you've been waiting for and you didn't even know it. Charles Schultz meets Todd Solondz. Think a Peanuts cartoon version of HAPPINESS or WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE. If Todd screens MAYAEWK I believe he will feel complimented by the association. And if Sparky were around to see it, I think he would likewise be charmed.

MAYAEWK is a character loaded film, none of whom is "Me", but some may be "You" and all whom I readily recognize and feel privileged to "Know". With its multiple characters, each with a unique story, it is a deceptively simple, yet subtlely complex interweaving of these stories into a powerhouse resolution of existential reward and redemption.

Writer-Director Miranda July joins the growing list of significant new female filmmakers like the Sprecher sisters, Jill and Karen, Sofia Coppola and many others whose continued work I am anxious to experience.

Give yourself a Christmas or Channakuh present and rent "Me and You and Everyone We Know".


At December 24, 2005 1:01 PM, Blogger Peter said...

I'm happy to hear (or, rather, read) that you enjoyed the movie as well. When I wrote about it I didn't say too much... I think I didn't have time to process. But in retrospect, it was probably my favorite film of the last year -- definitely the one that stuck with me most, and my introduction to Miranda July as a creator worth following.

At December 25, 2005 10:04 AM, Blogger BJMe said...

I Netflixed the DVD because in the back of my mind I knew it had a good recommendation, but I couldn't remember where it came from. I had forgotten your review, but thanks for the tip.


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