Sunday, November 23, 2008

Throwing in the towel

Last night I watched Paulie Malignaggi take a licking for ten rounds and keep on ticking. Ricky Hatton could put him down, but not out, so in the 11th Round, Paulie's corner threw in the towel. The punched-out pugilist was so far behind in points and strength that his handlers knew that in the last six minutes left in the 12-round fight their fighter could do nothing else in the no-contest but absorb punishment and more injury. It was a truly merciful act of protection by the manager of his franchise.

Which brings me to the L.A. Clippers. Shouldn't Donleavy throw in the towel? There is no reason for the Clippers to embarrass themselves and their fans for another 70 games. And that goes double for Oklahoma City and Washington. Who needs to see dedicated failure shoved in their face for protracted months of meaningless basketball games?

Let's go, NBA. Put these pathetic losers out of their misery.


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