Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mobile Phony

This old dog could care less about new tricks; new toys, however, that's something else again.

It was time to migrate our old service with AT&T to Cingular and I waited until I found a deal on a pair of good phones. I had my mind on the Sony-Ericson Z520a and sure enough, Cingular had a one-day, Sunday, online deal for the phones, activation, delivery and all for free.

Fair enough. Of course, the first two phones delivered had activation and screen flaws, but Cingular quickly replaced them with good instruments.

Okay, so many of you out there in cyberspace are already handy and happy with your camera phones, voice dialing, photo and name caller ID, and email as well as calendar and task reminders sent to your phones, but I am having a lot of fun setting my features up and playing with them. Nothing I do with my phone is in any way essential in my life, except as entertaining playtime. But I am already excited in expectation of what the next generation will bring.

I am ready for your phone call, Mr. DeMille.


At April 03, 2006 5:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my sons keeps me updated with a cell phone on his Cingular account..
It's the Razr picture phone.. I take pix, then use my Blue Tooth to transfer them to my pc.. Sending from there I don't need the extra cost of the multi media pkg.. Although I can still send to his cell, or a pc at 25ยข per pic. from my phone if I choose to.
All on Cingular call others on same for free..
My phone also does lots.. I don't know the half of it, like using the video feature, but it's there if I want to learn..
I also have the hands free Blue Tooth ear piece.. So what if people look at me strange..
Viva progress!!!

Martha E.


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