Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Rights of the Accused

What's going on here? Suddenly I find myself in an agreement with Antonin Scalia. It's pretty obvious to me that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is much more devoted to protecting "scared" women than the U.S. Constitution. The worst murderers, rapists and war criminals are allowed to face their accusers, but not a belligerent spouse.

According to a couple of lower courts, hearsay evidence of spousal abuse is enough to railroad any male partner into prison and debt. In one of the two cases, the only evidence against the defendant was the recording of a 911 call the female victim made to claim that her ex-boyfriend was violating a restraining order. She never appeared in court testify, accuse and be cross-examined. Who knows if her 911 call was even serious? Ruth Bader Ginsburg knows. She knows everything. It's the awesome power of the Black Robe.


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