Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks was a comic genius. For twenty-five years. For the last thirty years, however, creative arteriosclerosis has set in and taken its toll. Audiences who paid record ticket prices to attend THE PRODUCERS, the musical version of his original movie might disagree with me, but anybody who pays hundreds of dollars, not to mention the scalpers price of thousands of dollars for a Broadway ducat are not the class of theater patron who is likely to have any real taste or sense of what anything is all about. The songs are totally irrelevant and nondescript. The casting, especially Matthew Broderick caused me many cringing moments. The script and direction are the worst I have ever experienced in a hollywood musical.

The Producers, the original movie, however, is very good. BLAZING SADDLES was even better. TWELVE CHAIRS is the best of all.

Thanks, Mel. For all the TV and movie and recording laughs you gave me. Take the money and the plaudits and run.


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