Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Squirrel hunt

I parked in a large lot behind a block of stores and let Charlie loose for a little stretch and marking. Suddenly a squirrel appeared on the open ground, Charlie zeroed in and the chase was on. The squirrel zigged and zagged but couldn't shake Charlie, breathing down his neck and barking in his ear.

I chose not to interfere during the chase. It looked to me that Charlie could have seized the squirrel if he so wanted, and I was ready to reach in if he started to lunge, but harassment seemed to be his only interest. And animal observation was my interest.

I would guess it was basically over in ten to fifteen seconds when the squirrel finally found a power pole and started his climb. He actually slipped back to the ground after a foot or so but quickly regained his grip on the wood and scampered to a safe height, from which he loudly chided or taunted Charlie, who merely seemed to shrug and sauntered off to pee some more.

It was pleasing for me to see that although Charlie often barks at and charges toward squirrels, birds, cats, motorcycles, leaf blowers, etc., it seems to be no different than when he does the same thing to dogs, from which no harm has yet derived. Just a bit of sport.


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