Monday, April 27, 2009

Isms on the March

Though I have been a proclaimed atheist for most of my life, I have experienced moments of discomfort with the term and the concept. Though I am casually aware of my lack of belief in a conscientious godage at all times, it seems that my position only becomes active when aroused by confrontation with overbearing theists. One problem with being an atheist is its demonization by denominational theists. But a bigger problem, for me, is in not having an active program of atheist promotion. Organized religions survive by the business of selling blessings. Their respective members are pleased to pay their organization leaders with money and blood in return for their blessings here and in the hereafter. Atheism offers no such blessings. Nor much of anything else except argument of rebuttal to foolish belief and self delusion. A persistently thankless job. Our primary political activity is in attempt to make Americans aware that our Constitutional Freedom of Religion includes freedom from religion.

Pantheists, however, are deeply intermingled with atheists and have a lot of pro positions. It may be that I am more the pantheist than the atheist. But as atheists are now beginning to step out and even evangelize as secular humanists with meritorious personal and social values, the need for a better defining may not be necessary. Let freedom ring.


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