Saturday, March 07, 2009

Da Frisco Fuzz

Transitioning from Cesar Chavez to the freeway connector to the Bay Bridge, I inadvertently executed an illegal U-Turn. It didn't seem like a U-Turn to me because I didn't reverse my direction, but I had made a hook left turn around a small island to the freeway on-ramp. A big blue uniform, standing beside his motorcycle halfway up the ramp waved me over to the side and advised me of my error.

Looking at my driver's license he suggested that we had No-U-Turn signs in L.A. and I couldn't argue. Feebly enough, I could only state that I was following my Tom Tom and didn't see the sign. He handed back my license and sent me on my way with a mild warning to watch it.

As I eased back onto the ramp I noticed that he had not returned to his bike. Looking back in my mirrors I could not see him anywhere on the ramp. Who was that man in blue?


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