Saturday, May 09, 2009


Okay. So two days ago I prepared to shave but, after lathering up, realized that my Sensor excel razor was not resting across the top of my pewter shaving mug. I couldn't find it on the counter so I took the razor from my travel kit and shaved.

When I couldn't find the damn thing by yesterday I did a major ransack of my bathroom, closets, drawers and cabinets. Julie tsk tsked my absent mindedness and while I was out, she did one of her major - and usually successful - searches and came up with nothing. Since it had no hiding place, hidden or in plain sight, Julie was convinced the razor had somehow left the building. I felt we were in the grip of a mystery beyond earthly explanation; even predicting that no sooner would I buy a replacement Excel, than the original would re-materialize.

Okay. I didn't buy a new razor but I did bring in a spare I keep in my Trooper and used it yesterday. Last night, after brushing my teeth and spending the usual amount of time over my bathroom sink with the shaving mug right beside and no razor across its top, I go to bed. A few hours later, I awaken with my usual nighttime call to nature. As I start to return to bed I clearly see the razor, resting quietly across the top of the pewter mug. Dreams can seem very real so I somewhat doubted the evidence of my eyes. I picked up the razor, felt its solidity, convinced myself I was awake and determined to find it there in the morning.

So this morning it was still there. I picked up the mug and my spare razor and took them down to show Julie. She, also, could not understand how the razor could be exactly where it was supposed to be and where she had not been able to find it when she was looking for it the day before.

This may not qualify for The Twilight Zone, but it's woo-woo-woo-woo, woo-woo-woo enough for me.


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