Tuesday, November 14, 2006

American Blacks

Three items in today's San Francisco Chronicle reflect on the economic imbalance between Whites and Blacks in America. Race disparity and tactics of failure are displayed in two of the articles. The other inadvertently reveals one of the causes. I am referring to the almost universal subjugation of the Black culture to fundamental Christianity and Jesus worship.

The Rev. Martin Luther King hasn't accomplished much that I can see for the status of American Blacks. He might have done better if he were Mr. Martin King, a good man with a dream and a purpose. The same thing might be said about Mr. Jesse Jackson and Mr. Al Sharpton. The idea that only a religious person can lead the Black culture to success in America is the very idea that holds them back.

There is no god. Only a pathetic idiot can still believe in this day and age that there is a caring god to be prayed to and be thanked for scoring a TD or a TKO, or a job or the respect of one's peers.

Jesus was an important man of his time and a precursor of Existential behaviorism. But he was not a god or a son of god. If his mother truly conceived him out of wedlock then he is more accurately a son of a bitch. Take that, reverends and padres!

Religious subjugation has been a tool of control by Establishment Power since the beginning of recorded history. It is interesting that the records and/or fictions that we now call the Bible were designed to coerce and control the unruly nomads of old Judea; and now those same records and fictions are willingly embraced by contemporary adherents who are too timid to stand on their own character and qualifications.

Until the Blacks abandon their churches and the comfort of irresponsibility, as Jesus himself did, they will continue to suck wind in a losing race.


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