Friday, November 04, 2005

Is it folly to be wise?

According to someone in the '6os -- was it Jules Fieffer? -- Julie and I were guilty of premature morality for protesting against the Vietnam War well before it got seriously underway. It now appears we were also guilty of premature intelligence because we knew back in 2002 that the George W. Bush administration was totally wrong about WMD or any legitimate reason for asking Congress for War Powers to attack Iraq.

I say premature intelligence because now, in late 2005, nearly everbody seems to know that Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration had no viable intelligence about WMDs or any other terrorist threat in Iraq. Suddenly, Democratic Senatory Diane Feinstein says she was duped, along John Kerry with most other waffling Democrats, by White House misinformation. What I don't understand is how we uninformed, out-of-the-loop California Dreamers had a better understanding of American Oil/Middle East politics than our highly briefed Washington representatives. Excluding the all too perceptive Barbara Boxer, of course.

The Libby indictment is all about the lengths of lying that the Bush cabal will stretch to. No matter how they try to paint it, the case can be put very simply. An Ambassador name Wilson revealed what the UN and most of the EC already knew: there was absolutely no evidence of WMD in Iraq. In an attempt to discredit and intimidate Wilson, they used accomplices in the media to blow the cover of an important CIA operative who happened to be Wilson's wife.

They broke the law. They ended her useful career and they endangered the lives of her operatives overseas. They did this in order to smooth their path to an illegal takeover of Iraq, its oil reserves and infrastructure. All of which would then come under the corporate control of Halliburton, Bechtel and the Carlyle Group.

They continued to break the law by lying to investigators of the original criminal disclosure. The reporters who publicly revealed the agent's name were not journalists, they were publicity hacks for Cheney and his lackey Bush. They were co-conspirators in the revelations and manipulators of their publications and readership and deserve their own indictments and convictions.

To give this ugly crew some benefit of the doubt, they probably thought the attack on Iraq would be fairly brief and might only cost a couple hundred American lives. In their cost efficient world, they were willing to spend those lives in the interest of increasing their own wealth and power. They knew some Iraqi lives would also be lost, but hey!

But their miscaculations are proving to be enormous. Already there are over 2,000 American dead and ten times that many wounded. Not to mention the 80,000 Iraqi dead, but hey!

So have the Feinsteins, Kerrys, etc. suddenly acquired belated intelligence? Or are they merely pursuing political self-interest in a new environment of public awareness and dismay? I feel I am caught tightly in the grip of a new political campaign. . . and premature skepticism.


At November 05, 2005 2:08 PM, Blogger Gilbaire said...

Yeah, there's nothing worse than a premature moralist, worse, even than a
premature ejaculator which I'm guilty of whenever I see a pretty girl and am
lucky enough just to get near her.

As for Kerry, Feinstein, et al, as you said in another way, they didn't want
to risk getting dirty, mere voyeurs content to watch. But then so was the vast
majority of piano players in that whorehouse of a Senate. There's some truth
in the old saying -- people get the kind of government they deserve. Even
though us crazies on the West Coast more or less knew what was going on at the
begining of this castrophe, and probably others along the eastern seaboard,
mostly everybody else in the country, it seems, just accepted it as necessary. Or
so it appears now. So did their representatives in the Congress as well as the
media, as you also pointed out. We may have been so blinded by Sept. 11 and
the need to "rally 'round the flag and country" that we may even have gone along
with bombing Baghdad and other Arab capitols that weren't involved in
supplying us oil. The mood at that time was crazy. Let us also not forget this is a
Christian country (Onward Christian Soldiers!) and the devils who executed that
were Infidels. Let us not forget 40 or 50 million Evangelists believe the end
is near, that the center of the divine intervention is the Middle East and
that Christ is coming back....maybe next Saturday. There never has been a
shortage of "Patriotic" and religious boobs whose lust for blood is right under the
surface in this country. I have long believed the U.S. could turn into a kind
of Nazi government rather easily. The "red state" mentality and all that.
Maybe if the Reds and Blues could somehow separate into two countries with their
separate governments we might be better off. But then, come to think of it, the
Reds would probably invade the Blues and we'd be right back where we are.
Sadly and inevitably, It's no secret the American people are easily duped by
nefarious scroundrels -- Cheney and Rove, etc. -- who use their public puppets,
George W. Bush, whose mass appeal is to the lowest common dominator, and the
majority of Americans go blindly along until everything turns to shit and they
finally wonder how the hell it happened. But you're right. The media is much to
blame here, spewing out propaganda for the villians instead of exposing them
for what they are. Sad times. Getting sadder.


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