Sunday, September 25, 2005


I just realized that though I screened the Sap City DVD some months ago, I hadn't bothered to comment on it. It was, after all, eminently forgettable. I take into account that it is merely a filmed comic book. But forgive me, I also forgot: it is really an oh-so-pretentious graphic novel.

I only remember a couple of things that might help to warn any tempted DVD renters to save their time and money. Bad acting is one. Horrific make-up is another and the tackiest element is a recurring plot line that could make a grown person groan. That plot line is that ugly men must set them selves up as the saviors and protectors of all women, whether they be young and vulnerable or mature and sexy. Every situation in the film is bassed on that simple equation. It is a teenage boy's wet dream. I am certain that many pages of the graphic "novels" that Sin City is based are permanently stuck together. I hope they weren't checked out from the library.


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