Tuesday, August 30, 2005

They did the deed

Peter took the best pictures, but I got this one of him taking care of business, business suit and all.

It was a nice occasion in a charming location. Quite possibly the most memorable activity of the day, except maybe to the bride and groom, was the ceremony of the moving of the tables. Only a video could capture the experience.

About a dozen tables and chairs were set up in a fine broad clearing. But it was a hot day at the top of Tilden Park. When it was time to eat, the noonday sun shone brightly. There was, fortunately, one great tree which cast its broad shadow over a piece of the clearing. When it became time to eat, all the table and chairs were hefted and moved to the shady spot, and we all began to dig in heartily to a delicious Cajun feast.

In about ten minutes or so, the sun moved its glaring warmth to a couple of the western edge tables. Their occupants hefted these tables and chairs and moved them to the newly shaded section at the eastern side of the umbrage. Then, of course, as the sun continued its relentless route west, a couple more tables soon followed the move to the fresh shade. Every eight or ten minutes, another groups of tables followed suit.

Eventually all the table were moved, and then some had to be moved again. I would love to have a video of it set to music.


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