Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I May Not Always Be Right, But I'm Never Wrong Department.

My 74 year-long record of the above is now really on the line. When L.A. rainfall reached Second Place last month on the annual rainfall list I said it wouldn't reach First. Julie challenged me on that and I rashly issued my guarantee that this year's rainfall would not become our all-time record. Rashness is, of course, a requirement of any bold claim; cautious pronouncements are not worthy of utterance.

As of yesterday, L.A.'s current rainfall lies at .94 of an inch short of the 1883-84 record 38.18 inches. And counting.

Our rainy season runs from June 30 to June 30 so there is still seven weeks to go, with June Gloom to come.

I gaze out at a clear blue sky as I write this. And it warms my heart to see it.


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