Thursday, April 01, 2010

It only hurts when I walk

I have been slightly hobbled and somewhat irritated for several weeks/months with pain in my right ankle. I finally mentioned it to my PP who sent me down for X-Rays. As a result of which he sent me to a podiatrist. The podiatrist could not produce any pain by manipulating my foot, but he was fascinated by the X-Rays. Three surgeries were done on that ankle before I reached the age of 18 and it has received no attention since then until now.

The young podiatrist could not determine the cause of my pain so he prescribed heavy doses of Motrin, just in case it might help. Why not? One good thing is he never mentioned surgery, which quickly shot him to the top of my dance card. The other good thing is he never suggested that many new problems occur with age. He obviously perceived me as quite young. We could end up as an item.


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