Friday, March 16, 2007

Action Guys

I don't have anything against Daniel Craig as an actor,

except that he is boring. Even with his steroided uber body. But I do resent the current producers of Casino Royale for continuing the downward spiral of the action series to the point where I checked out after half an hour and couldn't care less what I might have missed.

Crank is a decidely less ambitious and lower tier escapade, which is part of what makes it much more entertaining than the current 007 franchise product.
And its star, Jason Stratham,
a natural athlete with a model's grace and a strong film presence was an obvious oversight in the Bond franchise search for an actor who could have brought off the pre-Connery rough rogue of Casino Royale.

Too bad. But I will look forward to the next Stratham actioner and will probably never see another Craig--pumped biceps or not.


At March 17, 2007 6:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How odd.. I think it must be a gender/age thing.. I thought Sean C. was pucey looking when he was the first Bond ( with his maturing looks, and voice, he has become one of my favorites).. And none of the rest of the actors, or movies grabbed me enough for me to want to see them either, even though I like P.B.. I think it's been all the hollabaloo (sp.?) with D.C. that prompted me to get the dvd.. It was a good enough watch for me.. My husband didn't care for it..
I found it odd to be the beginning, and yet be totally up-dated to our times.. I guess they thought the fans couldn't except how it was 40 years ago..
I've watched the spoof, with David Niven, the t.v program with Barry Nelson, and a snippet here and there of the Bond films.. As I said, I found this watchable..
I agree that Jason S. might have been a good choice..


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