Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Bush Legacy

Most military/political tyrants wage war on nations; they usually want to possess that territory. George W. Bush has used the feeble cloak of anti-terrorism to wage war on a regime and the people of Iraq. He didn't go it alone, of course. He got some good backing in his bullying adventure from U.S. girlie-man Congress and a boot-licking lackey in Britain.

He hasn't tried to conquer the nation and attempt to acquire the territory. He merely wants to control a portion of their mineral wealth and convert the population to his beliefs in christianity and democracy. He is the current day combination of Junipero Serra and the conquistadores of the Americas, And those Spaniards were a combination that converted the local population to chrianity while enslaving them, killing them and stealing their mineral wealth.

So where do we go from here? Well Jane Fonda's not going to Disneyland. And more power to her, I say. Her behavior and commitments, muddled though their history may be, will yet afford her a prouder legacy than will survive our smarmy, smirky current president.


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