Thursday, June 02, 2005

Eating al fresco

I gave Julie her option of restaurants for her birthday dinner on Wednesday. Interestingly, she picked The Gumbo Pot, a venerable food stall in Los Angeles’ historic Farmers Market.

We shared a delicious oyster Po’ Boy and crawfish etoufee and a beer at a patio table. Nothing else could be much simpler, cheaper or better tasting. I can still taste it a day later as I post these thoughts, and I have to wonder about the unique delights of Creole/Cajun food. Is there anywhere another cuisine so good and so indigenous to such a specific area as this wonderful Louisiana cooking? Don’t mistake this as a rhetorical question. I am really curious to discover some eating adventures that I might be missing out on.

In the interim, I suggest you check out some of these links and find yourself some good Creole/Cajun wherever you are. It is a world class cuisine and good ol’ boy comfort food at one and the same time.


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