Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bush Declares Sacrifice in Iraq to Be 'Worth It'

George Bush scares me. Seriously. Even though he boosted (see slang)the presidency in 2000, he seemed a relatively mindless and harmless sort. But he obviously had a hidden agenda. Eventual events show that he was ready and eager to go to war against Iraq and needed only the irrelevant excuse of a "War against Terrorism" to bring that agenda out of hiding.

The world has had over two years now to see that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, no biological warfare materials, and housed to terrorism nests or training grounds; and most misleading of all: Saddam Hussein was not Osama bin Laden, who still roams freely despite Bush's rhetoric. So gradually, Americans are beginning to realize that Bush and his junta misled the US and the UN into an illegal attack on another sovereign nation. And as that realization grows and Bush's approval rating and war footing slip, the man, as shown in yesterday's address, is becoming desperate. His approval rating jumped into the stratosphere in the aftermath of the suicide attacks on the World Trade Center. And now that he is losing that approval, I worry as to the measures he might attempt to get that rating back.

I know that Bush is a deeply religious man and I worry that he prays to god every night to give him another day of tragedy on which to speak bravely and pretend leadership. As he stated yesterday, any loss of American life, health or well being in the pursuit of his agenda will be "Worth it." To him. And he couldn't care less about the rest of us.

And if god declines to answer his prayer, I dread to think of to whom else he might turn. I don't know if the devil answers prayers, but I do know that the bin Laden family has an umbilical pipeline of oil to this Bush administration. Might there be someone in that family he could turn to for aid and assistance?

Are you scared, too?


At June 30, 2005 6:48 AM, Anonymous Julieme said...

Yes, I am scared. Why aren't the
newspeople scared?


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